Sunday, August 10, 2008

S F Half 2008

San Francisco Half Marathon is known for its view and .......
Run @ 5:30 am
Run on Golden Gate Bridge
Run @ Zero toll fee
Run with Clouds

Run with 20,000 other runners

I was training myself with Team ASHA, my coach - Tony, Char, Martina, Harry & Ultra queen Padma. Week perior to the run was very hectic. I was not properly rested and my back was sore . Somehow I was tensed up, dont know why. I set my Alarm for 3 am, took hot shower thinking my back will feel better, had a banana and @ 4 am my friend Deepak was waiting for me outside my house to drive to SFO. My Husband Bobby kissed me, wished me Good Luck !!!!........ We were supposed to meet other runner buddies @ REI Palo Alto. At 4:34 am, they arrive. And so we get our BIBS. 10245 was my lucky race number. Now we are all set to go to the City.... we are on our way........ My running buddy Deepak taking out all his possible gears and I am deciding between to run with jacket on or off because temperature out side is 54 degree F (12.5 C) slow wind....... finally I decided not to carry the jacket.

We reached the city and looking for parking when it is already 5:30 am. Race has already started......... We all are getting tense. Finally we get a parking...... now without even waisting much of time all of us ran towards the start line......... but we could not start....... we have to use Portta Potty and there is long line and way we did smart thing we finished the mother nature call 1st ...

Now all of us @ start line 6:14 am with wave 5. Music is high, count down begins and I found another running buddy Anand ..... 6-5-4-3-2-1 blast off.

I took off slow. At mile 3 there were lots of cheer leaders and I got charged up, picked up some speed and I killed my 1st hill@ mile 5. On right I could enjoy Alcatraz 180 degree view. Finally 6-7-8 on Golden gate, view was awesome and magnificant.... Now I am seeing few more ASHA people. A big hill is waiting at mile 9. I slow down but I finish the mile, have my energy bar and push my speed downhill. Mile 11-12 small hills are still bothering.......

Now I could see lots of people so I know I am close to finished line. I picked up the speed and I finished the race in 2:09:14 .

Walking ...... got water.... MEDAL..... blanket and I found my lost buddies. 1st thing I did called Bobby he was proud and happy for me. :)

Small wait for buses but very long drive, got coffee on the way back and some snack and drove back home.

@ home my son ask me how many miles mumma? I got lots of hugs, seeing all of them smiling all my pains and aches vanish. This makes it worth it.


Enjoy running !!!